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It’s the festive season people! Besides buying new kinds of stuff, you tend to clean up and decorate your home too! What easier and fun ways to decorate your place (and surroundings) than lights? Here are some amazing deals for you from Amazon for this Black Friday Deals on Lights. Happy Lighting!

Best Black Friday Deals on Lights at Amazon

  1. Mosaic Solar Lights at $16.80 (Actual Price: $39.80)

    This light comes in a pack of 3. These pretty lamps can help light up your pathway or garden or perhaps your balcony. They is blue, purple, and yellow. The lights being solar powered are very rough-tough to withstand weather conditions like rain, snow, sun, etc. The stand is made up of stainless steel, which makes these lamps as gorgeous as ever. This can also be sent to your friends as gifts.

  2. Smarson LED Wireless Energy Saving Motion Sensor Light

    1-Pack $9.90 (Actual Price : $12.90)
    3-Pack $19.52 (Actual Price : $24.90)
    These smart lights work on a wonderful principle of energy saving. Whenever the detection motion, they switch on for about half a minute. Then they automatically go off. It is backed by 3 AAA batteries which have to be purchased externally. This is very ideal in place where you visit less and for very less duration of time, like washbasin or wardrobes. This is one of the best Black Friday 2016 Deals on lights.

  3. LOENDE Solar Christmas String Lights at

    $15.99 (Warm White) and 14.99 (Red) loende-200-led-solar-string-lights
    These solar lights are powered by built-in rechargeable batteries of capacity 1800 mAh. These batteries promise up to 8 hours of light when fully charged. You can charge these in the morning and use them in the evening indoors. This is very apt for in house decoration that requires very minimum lighting like a Christmas tree or a romantic dinner date. The lights can be used outdoors as well as they have been made waterproof. You can select either a red light or white light depending upon your needs.

  4. Homestarry Battery String Lights at $11.95 (Actual Price: $25.95)

    Homestarry Battery String Lights are 16 feet long lights which can be operated very swiftly with the help of a remote. They come in different colors – Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green, Red, Cool White. The lights are waterproof in nature, you can very easily use it outdoors.

  5. TaoTronics LED Bulbs

    Soft white at $17.99 (Actual Price : $49.99)
    Daylight white at $19.99 (Actual Price : $49.99)

    There is no need to rattle the old story of how much energy and money LED bulbs to save. These 9W LED bulbs come in a pack of 6. These lights promise 22 years of service with 3 hours of daily use. These lights are eye-friendly.

That’s all about lights and the amazing deals Amazon Deals on Lights for you. These deals are going to be over soon! Make sure you take a quick decision.

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