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Black Friday 2023 brings in a lot of good black friday android phone deals. It is a special relief because it is THAT time of the year to buy our most wanted gadget. In today’s times when even Android is so expensive, here are some amazing Black Friday deals on Smartphones.

Are you in need of buying an Android smartphone at a discounted price? 

Luckily, today you landed on the Internet’s most perfect place. In this blog post, I will bring you the list of 10+ best Black Friday deals on smartphones. 

Most of your favorite brands are going to be added to the list of best Black Friday smartphone deals. There are mobile devices in the list that you can get almost at half price. 

Almost all the smartphones listed in the post are unlocked phones that are compatible with Major Carriers in the United States.

Here are the smartphone Black Friday deals for your eyes to witness.

10+ Top Black Friday Deals on Smartphones

Google Pixel 7a

Google is well known for building world-class products. Google Pixel 7a is one such amazing product from the house of Google. It comes with an amazing camera for fixing blurry pics and taking beautiful videos.

The camera is even capable of fixing blurry photos taken on another phone.

The Tensor chipset of Google Pixel 7A is faster and more secure. You can now use the phone for longer hours because of its improved battery. Moreover, the security of the phone as well has been improved, compared to the previous versions of Pixel.

SAMSUNG Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung is popular for producing camera-centric phones. Samsung Galaxy S23 has an excellent camera for capturing stunning videos and photos. They are nothing less than cinematic shots.

To make your experience more beautiful, the Samsung S23 Ultra comes with an S Pen that sports many features like capturing selfies, converting drawing to text, sharing creations live, etc.

The screen quality of the Samsung S23 Ultra is stunningly smooth and of high quality. It has an adaptive vision booster that adjusts the screen brightness according to the environment. It makes any kind of content look amazing on your phone.

It also has amazing battery backup because of its beast-like battery capacity of 5000mAh.

OnePlus Nord N30 5G

If you are looking for a smartphone under budget this Black Friday, then the OnePlus Nord N30 is the right pick. It comes with a 6.7-inch LCD screen that gives beautiful picture output.

Though the phone is a budget one, it has a stunning 108MP camera that provides 3X lossless zoom and also has an electronic image stabilization feature to make the videos look stable while capturing the videos.

It has dual stereo speakers that produce amazing sound quality. You can watch any videos and enjoy movies with its amazing speakers.

OnePlus Nord N20 5G

Next to Apple, OnePlus is one of the brands that offer premium smartphone features. As you all know Nord is the latest series addition to the OnePlus brand. The OnePlus Nord N20 is a 5G smartphone that gives you a solid internet browsing experience.

The Android smartphone from the OnePlus brand is packed with a massive 4500 mAh battery which gives you solid full-day use. Also, it comes with 33W fast charging by which you can charge a phone’s full-day power in just 30 minutes.

The brand-new smartphone model is available to purchase this Black Friday season with an extra  23% discount from the regular price.

Nokia C01 Plus

A budget-friendly Android smartphone from the Nokia brand costs less than $80 when you buy the Nokia C01 plus for this Black Friday offer. The device is available to grab with a 16% discount.

The smartphone is packed with the Android 11 (Go Edition) operating system that works fine with most Android applications. In terms of connectivity technology, the smartphone device has in-built Bluetooth, USB, and Wi-Fi for seamless data transfers and internet connections.

LED flash is available in both cameras. Both 5 MP front and rear cameras are a solid addition to the less than $80 Android smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

If you want to purchase a phone with a premium look, that offers the most advanced features and for 2-in-i purposes, go for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Android smartphone which you can also use as a Tablet.

It’s a foldable smartphone model with a dual display, a great option for the best video calling and video-watching experience. The premium smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is available in 3 different stylish colors such as Phantom Black, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Green as well.

Get up to 33% OFF exclusively for this Black Friday season.

OnePlus 10 Pro

One of the most recent additions to the OnePlus smartphone family, the OnePlus 10 Pro is packed with a 6.7” QHD+ display. The smartphone is launched with two different variants 8/128GB and 12/256GB. It does support both 5G and 4G cellular technology.

There are three cameras on the rear co-developed with Hasselblad. The pictures taken from the OnePlus 10 Pro rear camera already amazed so many people and a huge fan base for the camera quality itself.

The device is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Processor and will offer you a blazing-fast mobile user experience. Buy with an extra 8% discount.

Moto G Power

Yet the smartphone model is released in 2021, even after a year, the Moto G Power Android smartphone sells in higher numbers mainly because of the price range as well as the features.

Motorola is one of the top yet popular brands that offer a wide range of Android smartphones. The Moto G Power is one of their highest selling models and comes with Android version 10.0 will get OS updates on a frequent basis in the future.

During the Black Friday Sale, the Moto G Power smartphone device is available at almost half price from its launch price. One of the best Black Friday deals on smartphones on the list.


A smartphone under $120 that offers 128 GB of storage, what a great thing about the TCL smartphone brand. Not just the storage, but TCL offers almost great most latest features in the TCL 30 SE models.

The smartphone model runs on an Android 12 operating system with a 6.52” HD+ display for a super cool viewing experience. Get up to 26% discount for this Black Friday season.

With the 5000 mAh massive battery attached to the smartphone, the company promises a 2-day solid full-day use once the device gets fully charged.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

An exclusive Google launch Google Pixel 6 Pro packed with an advanced Pixel camera and Telephoto lens. Next to Apple and Samsung, Google Pixel smartphones are most popular in the premium budget range among people from different USA states.

The smartphone model runs in the most advanced Android version 12.0 and gets updates whenever new Android versions are released. There is an extra 20% OFF announced by the company for the ongoing Black Friday Sale.

Black Shark 5 Pro

Does the brand sound new? If so, you have already missed so much. The Black Shark 5 Pro is an exclusive launch from the Black Shark brand for gaming fans. Yes, Black Shark 5 Pro is an android gaming phone packed with a lot of advanced features.

The device is equipped with a 6.7” flexible OLED display that immensely gives you a better gaming experience. To make the Black Shark fans happy, the company has announced an 8% discount deal for this Black Friday.

Motorola Razr 5G

The model is exclusively made for the US by Motorola. If you do not wish to use smartphones in the usual style, go for Motorola’s one iconic pocketable designs that will go perfectly in your pocket and look premium. It’s compact and you can fold it to a regular size if you want.

Motorola Razr 5G was first introduced in 2022 at the price tag of $1399.99. But, in the Black Friday Sale, the device is available to grab less than $600. It’s almost a 57% discount deal.

Nokia XR20 5G

Another best Black Friday deals on Android smartphones from the Nokia brand. The particular device is for those who want smartphones with premium features. It supports dual SIM and is equipped with a 48 MP dual camera.

A 2-year warranty will be given along with the device. Another cool factor is that Nokia promises to offer free OS updates until 2024. Purchase the device with an extra 17% offer for this Black Friday.


Under just $250, the UMIGIDI Bison pro has a lot to offer customers. If you want to purchase a smartphone that uses Helio Processor instead of Snapdragon, you can try the UMIDIGI Bison Pro.

The mobile has been unlocked for all wireless carriers and it comes with 4G cellular technology. It’s a waterproof and shockproof smartphone. 

Avail up to 12% discount, limited-time deal.

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  • Apple iPhone 6 16GB

Beginning Friday, Walmart and Amazon will offer a 16GB iPhone 6 for $325.00 & FREE Shipping

Verizon is putting forth a $199 Galaxy Note 4s with a two-year contract on Friday. This cannot be better than this. This is one of the best smartphone deals.

Motorola is offering the opened second-era Moto X 16GB at $359 on Monday. For Verizon clients, another Moto X is just $0.01 with a two-year contract.

  • Amazon Fire Phone

The opened Amazon Fire smartphone without an agreement will be $199 on Amazon, and it additionally accompanies an entire year of Amazon Prime, esteemed at $99 — meaning the telephone works out to $100, by and large. It’s indistinct if this is only a Black Friday bargain or a lasting value change to start the slacking Fire Phone deals. This is one of the Amazon deals to look forward to.

Consistently, the modest lead Android cell phone space gets more tightly and more tightly. The shiny new maker Nextbit just discharged its first telephone, the Robin, with an exceptionally specific issue it was hoping to explain: stockpiling. Utilizing its consistent distributed storage, you’ll never need to stress over topping off your restricted stockpiling with photographs, recordings, and applications. This is one of the Amazon deals to look forward to.

At just $349, you’d think the Nexus 5X would be as shoddy as a decent Android telephone gets, yet nowadays, even rivalry at that cost level is hardened. The Nexus 5X is a humble telephone in practically every way, which makes it perfect for many individuals. Particularly in the event that you are somebody searching for a little gadget (this present one has a 5.2-inch show) that is likewise spotless and completely useful, the Nexus 5X truly is a decent approach. This is one of the most interesting black Friday Amazon deals.

The meaning of the “spending telephone” has changed fundamentally in the previous couple of years. Where midrange telephones from LG, Samsung, and Motorola used to manage this market, the late inundation of astounding cell phones at an exceedingly reduced cost (under $400) from littler organizations has totally overturned the market. This is one of the most interesting black Friday Amazon deals.


For a considerable length of time, LG lingered behind its partner Samsung. Be that as it may, with a year ago’s G4, the organization truly discovered a way to pare down the outline to a point that truly isolated it from the opposition. With the new G6, LG took a major bet by veering off-kilter with its new embellishment environment. With the capacity to swap out various modules like an augmented battery or camera embellishment, the G5 can be tweaked to the way you utilize your telephone. This could be entirely chill off the line if LG truly bets everything on it and gets the valuing down, however for the time being it’ll most likely confound a bigger number of clients than anything else.  This is one of the best deals of Black Friday 2022.

With the S7, Samsung reintroduced waterproofing and expandable stockpiling, which satisfied numerous Android clients. In particular, Samsung pulled in these elements without compromising the immense plan and fabricated quality that it presented a year ago. Goodness definitely—and after that, there’s that unfathomable OLED show, which you need to find face-to-face to really appreciate. The S8 is that distant, yet the S7 is still an awesome cell phone. This is one of the best black friday smartphone deals

These were the 10+ Best Black Friday Deals on Android Smartphones. Tell us which one you bought.

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