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Dear Ladies, here is a wonderful deal for you. We know how costly makeup (sigh). Aesthetica Cosmetics Makeup Kit is here with a wonderful Contour and Highlighting Powder Foundation Palette/Contouring Makeup Kit. It is suitable for all skin types and is 100% vegan. The best thing about this kit is the easy to follow, a step-by-step manual that will help you do make full use of the kit. The actual price is $29.95, but it is currently available at $17.99 only!

What is in Aesthetica Cosmetics Makeup Kit?

Aesthetica Cosmetics Makeup Kit
Aesthetica Cosmetics Makeup Kit
  • Three matte foundations (for contouring) and three illuminating powder (for highlighting)
  • Mirror for easy application
  • Easy to follow step by step guides with face diagrams.

For all the pro makeup people, you don’t need to know what contouring and foundation do, they can head over directly to buy the product. Meanwhile, if you are a newbie, go through the article thoroughly to know more about foundation and contour.

When you apply foundation to your face, it gives it the same color (tone) to your face. It helps hide the dark areas (below your eyes, forehead, nose, chin, etc.) It also helps hide any unwanted patches on your skin. Contouring helps in adding a subtle highlight to your face. For example, you have a really nice nose you can apply contour on the nose so that it becomes prominent amongst the other facial features. If you want to highlight your cheekbones or your collar bones, contouring is the answer. Just apply a contour of a shade darker and those areas will be highlighted.

Enough being said, this product has a whopping 4-star review on Amazon! It falls under Prime orders. Thus, you can select One Day Shipping at checkout to get it by tomorrow. You can buy it for someone else as well if you are not much into makeup and stuff (Gift Wrap available). 

This product will not be there tomorrow. Act fast!

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